Passion! Passion! Passion! We absolutely love the creative individual we know as Nick. — Greg Arroyo, Arroyocode

“I had the pleasure of working directly under Nick. In addition to being incredibly friendly and positive, he was also a great manager and teacher. I was new to just about all of the design programs when I joined Nick’s team last year and he was always more than happy to help me with any questions I had. Whether it was a problem I was having with the software or wanting another opinion on my work, Nick provided answers and feedback with great enthusiasm. If you are considering hiring Nick, I say offer him the job – you won’t look back.” — Kristen McKellogg, Project Assistant, American Specialty Health

“I was fortunate to have Nick as a manager. He is one of the most positive and encouraging people I know. His feedback would be constructive and solution-oriented. He never missed an opportunity to let us know our that work and ideas were valued.” — Erin Sykes, Graphic Designer, American Specialty Health

“Nick is a wonderful manager to work under! He is creative, enthusiastic, motivating, kind, very well organized and always has a smile on his face. Nick is not only fun to work with, but you can always count on him for guidance and to be able to help answer any questions that you come across. I know that I can come to Nick with not only technical design questions, but also ask for help on things outside of design, like how to professionally answer certain emails or where I can track down certain files. Nick holds all of the necessary skills and personality traits to be a successful, amazing manager that people enjoy coming to work for.” — Julia Ortiz, Graphic Designer, American Specialty Health

“I had the privilege to intern for Nick. Working together with him was a learning experience that has in turned refined my work and strengthened my portfolio. Nick is always quick to catch fine details, which in turn strengthened my eye for design. He is a great teacher whose upbeat manner always inspired me to push myself further. Nick is always looking to the future. He is continuously learning and thinking of new ways to push the brand further into it’s potential.” — Ashley Locke, Graphic Design Intern, HOIST Fitness

“Nick’s fun and engaging material has inspired thousands of members across the country to make healthier and happier changes to their lives. His material is definitely one-of-a-kind and easily catches everyone’s attention. His professional and energetic personality make him a great team member and someone I am proud to say I had the pleasure of working with!” — Alison Maedge, Senior Manager, American Specialty Health

“Nick is one of the most creative, enthusiastic, and positive individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He is a wonderful person, friend, and colleague, always with a smile on his face. He will continue to be a true asset in every path he takes.” — Marlis Rosetti-Castro, Wellness Program Manager, American Specialty Health

“Nick was such a great person to work with on projects. He always brought a unique and creative view. When I think of the work Nick created, vibrant, unconventional and amazing are just a few words that come to mind. The finished product was always impressed and exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed with him.” — Mary Villa, MS, RD, National Sales Manager, American Specialty Health

“Nick is by far the best Creative Director we ever had, he’s been exceeding our expectations since the day he started working for our company. He has excellent attention to detail and great design ideas Nick is very professional and easy to work with; we are so lucky to have him in our team.” — Mario Lopez, Product Support Manager, HOIST Fitness

“Nick’s positive and efficient work ethic made him a great asset to our team. His organization and prioritization skills allowed me to always deliver creative, modern, well-developed materials to my clients. Along with Nick’s professionalism, he knows how to brighten everyone’s day and cultivate a positive work environment. Nick has a promising future and I would be lucky to work with him again in the future!” — Sheri Keller, Program Manager, American Specialty Health

“I worked with Nick and he is an absolute pleasure to work with! We often worked together on many deadline-driven graphic design projects, and Nick’s creative abilities are extraordinary. He has amazing graphic design skills, pays close attention to details, and is very responsive. Nick is able to turn projects around at a speedy pace, all while effortlessly pleasing the customer. I highly recommend working with Nick as a Graphic Designer, especially if you have a tight deadline!” — Erin Montgomery, Marketing Coordinator, American Specialty Health

“I am honored to recommend Nick Porter based both on his high level of talent in graphic design, and also for his outstanding customer service skill for managing his internal clients, such as myself. Nick is always extremely polite, friendly, and timely, delivering a final result that is always exceeds expectation. If I were able to hire only one, I would select Nick Porter every time.” — Edie Tipton, National Sales Manager, American Specialty Health

“I have had the good fortune of working in the Graphics Industry for over 30 years and I can honestly say that Nick Porter is the most Positive, Creative and open minded Creative person I have ever worked with. In this day of pressure to get everything now Nick is always level headed and goes about his workday with so much good energy that he makes those around him better. To have such an Employee a Company will have a Loyal, Happy person to represent their name in San Diego.” — Kevin Kiley, Sales Manager, RR Donnelley

“Nick always produces top quality work, and shows an amazing amount of creativity and design insight. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with anyone else who could match his passion for producing the best possible work.”— Dione Dittmar, COO, Airways Brewing

“Nick is an extremely talented Creative Director helped define the brand with every piece he completed (which is many). He provided excellent graphic solutions for our retail and commercial marketing communications programs, including an entire company rebrand, design and developer support for a new HTML5 company website, and seamless integration of our newest acquisition. He consistently exceeded my expectations and demonstrated exceptional quality of work, a strategic mind, and I look forward to his growth.” — Jeremy Miller, Director of Marketing, HOIST Fitness